A collection of short stories with twists reminiscent of the Twilight Zone, including:

a baby taken straight from his father’s arms is trapped in the mirror by something evil,

a man WHO fulfillS unimaginable fantasies with a woman who turns herself into life-size dolls,

a WOMAN WHO IS TRAPPED IN A ROOM WITH A blood-thirsty ghost

and a boy WHO travels THROUGH A WORMHOLE 20 years into the future WHERE everything AND EVERYONE he knew IS GONE.

“The overarching theme that binds it all together is the improbability that these stories might take place in the real world...however, three of the total seven stories I could very well imagine may have happened at some point in time, in some guise, somewhere in the world. But this only adds to both the horror and tragedy conveyed in these particular stories.”
— Richard Martin, ukhorrorscene.com